Quality Policy

The Company HERMES – Greek Central Station S.A., responding to the demands of modern business reality and aiming for the improvement of our operations, while always targeting faster and better Customer service, has implemented a Quality Management System, according to the International Standard ELOT ΕΝ ISO 9001:2015 as well as ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for information security.

Our Company’s Quality Management System covers the Station’s operations and was designed according to the needs and goals of the Company, and the Legal and Regulatory demands of the current Greek and European Legislation.

Our Company’s core value is our Clients’ satisfaction and confidence, ensured by setting high standards of quality and respecting tradition. Our general goal is to provide excellent quality and highly beneficial services to our Clients. Specifically, our Company aims for:

  • • full Clients’ satisfaction, ensuring a long-term collaboration with us
  • • consistency in meeting our commitments and maintaining mutually respectful relations with both our Clients and suppliers
  • • constant improvement, to meet our Clients’ demands and expectations by designing and developing new products/services and providing training to our personnel
  • • constant improvement of our Quality Management System and operations by effectively undertaking the following:
  • Reviewing and setting quality goals
  • Reviewing our Management
  • Internal Reviews
  • Corrective and Preventive actions
  • Systematic analysis of the data from our Quality Records

In this context, HERMES – Greek Central Station S.A.:

  • Commits to adhering to current Greek and European Standards
  • Strives to meet and exceed Clients’ expectations
  • Maintains regular contact with Clients beyond contractual obligations
  • Constantly monitors not only Clients’ present needs but also potential future needs
  • Encourages its employees to take initiatives in their fields of responsibility and submit proposals for the improvement of operations, constantly providing education and training
  • Encourages and welcomes constructive criticism from its Clients and partners, in relation to the quality of the services it provides

Additionally, HERMES – Greek Central Station S.A. is committed to preventing negative impacts on the environment, to the sustainable use of natural resources and to implementing health and safety regulations.

In order to achieve the above goals, all the necessary references have been documented within our Quality Management System. Through systematic design, planning, auditing of our operations and constant improvement, we abide by our core values.

Our Company’s Management pledges to provide the infrastructure and equipment necessary to implement the Company’s activities. Each employee is responsible for the quality of his/her work and must contribute to the management of quality and the achievement of the Company’s set goals. To this effect, all personnel are briefed about the Quality Management System and act according to set standards, according to their responsibilities.

Operations, workflow and actions that do not guarantee the fulfilment of the Company’s set goals, are immediately suspended by the appropriate persons, who in turn analyse the causes and determine the necessary measures for improvement.