Tracking and monitoring services

We offer position tracking services for Customers having particular requirements of geographical position monitoring. Route monitoring and vehicle tracking, tracking of stolen ATMs, protection for those working in remote locations, those active in outdoor sports and for all your loved ones.

For those working alone

Ideal and very essential service for those working alone (taxi drivers, night guards, forest guards, home carers, 24hr shops, pharmacists on call, security personnel, petrol stations open overnight etc. At any time needed, we will immediately notify their relatives or colleagues and the relevant authorities.

This type of service allows you to ensure that everyone, from a pupil walking home, to a security guard on patrol, has simple access to a recognizable level of personal security.

For your loved ones

If your loved one lives alone and is in danger, if he/she is a child, a teenager, an elderly person or one needing assistance, then you have come to the right place.

A preventive approach in personal security. Using advanced new technologies we offer assistance to the vulnerable and those in danger. Our Services may be used by a wide range of people using modern technology and converting their phone to a personal security device.

Route monitoring and vehicle tracking

Essential service that meets the need of transport companies for tight surveillance of high value goods.

It receives voice commands from the driver of the vehicle, regarding the start and the end of the route, whereas along the route it continuously monitors the vehicle security sensors and the driver emergency button.

For those who love outdoor sports

If you are hiking, cycling, climbing, sailing, fishing, skiing, if you are a motorcyclist, if you are camping, speedboat or rescuing nature and need someone to watch you, this is the right choice.

Locate ATMs

The service meets the needs of banks, where using state-of-the-art GPS devices are tracked and detected stolen ATMs even under the most difficult conditions.

Supported tracking systems