Our History

Our core values are founded on the history of the Company, and everything has developed around these values. Our history defines the way in which we operate. It inspires and sets challenges to the HERMES personnel, in their efforts to make the Customers’ lives more secure, through high quality and reliable services.

1982: The first Alarm Receiving Centre in Greece

The Hellenic Central Station, the first Alarm Receiving Centre in Greece, was founded in 1982 as “HERMES Ltd” – known as “HERMES SECURITY GROUP” – by a group of partners active in the Security sector.

It managed back then approximately 200 systems using a card folder system. It received only Theft, Burglary, Fire and Power cut signals, and an electronic computer was not used. Besides, at the time, the only Mainframe Cyber 170/730 computer that was available, using a NOS operating system was purchased by the Greek Army.

1988: Computers enter our lives

Banks, Jewellery Shops as well as high risk businesses begin to express their interest in the HERMES services.

In line with the increasing number of subscribers, exceeding 1000, the need to provide pioneer services such as Working hours monitoring, Temporary absence services etc., also increases.

With no second thoughts, HERMES invests and benefits from the first computers and produces software to cover the needs of its subscribers.

1999: Contact ID is on its way

The evidence is clear, Contact ID is on its way. Subscribers exceed 3.500 and computers now use Windows. Time to modernize ourselves!

The new software built by HERMES operates in Windows environment, supports Contact ID and maintains the data on a relational database.

Six alarm signal receives in full operation and three in hot back-up, are always ready for receiving signals, whilst the Station experienced personnel manage more easily and more efficiently any incident that nay occur.

2004: New facilities

After 22 years of a successful presence in the sector, in 2004 HERMES Ltd changes its legal status into “Hellenic Central Station SA” with the acronym “HERMES”

Based on a completes upgrade plan lasting 14 months, and after considerable investment in technology, the Alarm Receiving Centre moves to its new location, achieving a down-time smaller than 15 mins for all services to its 20.000 subscribers.

2015: Software update

Once again, despite the difficult financial circumstances in the local market, the Hellenic Central Station implements yet another significant investment: the replacement of the signals’ processing and management software for Security systems and other systems.

In this way, we support the implementation of our strategic choices for the development of activities and services, which serve modernization and optimization of our services to the benefit of our Customers, whilst in parallel, technical know-how is enhanced and we remain leaders in this field.

The new software is fully compliant with standards BS5979 for Alarm Receiving Centres, BS8418 for monitoring video alarms and ELOT EN 50518.02, as well as UL1981, ACPO, LPC10/20, DD243, DD245 and EN50151 for Alarm Receiving Centres.

2017: ISO 27001 & Building renovations

Contemporary architecture and the upgraded security standards of the building are combined with ISO/IEC 27001, the only international standard that can be audited and which defines the requirements of an Information Security Management System.

A new era starts for HERMES and our partners, since we can now offer to all our customers, opportunities for new commercial activities using upgraded Security services.

2019: GOLD award at the Security Excellence Awards

HERMES – Hellenic Central Station was honored with a GOLD award, in the Activities pillar and in the Receiving Alarm Signals section. The 2019 Security Excellence Awards ceremony took place at the Radisson Blu Park Hotel.

Our company was evaluated with a GOLD award, for offering high-quality services through an advanced technological environment, with facilities, infrastructure and workplaces equipped with the latest high-tech security systems and leading software, keeping its pricing policy at reasonable levels.

2020: Scalability with new Fleet Track Management Services partnerships

HERMIS strengthens the range of electronic surveillance services and moves forward with another innovation, with new partnerships in Greece and abroad, offering individual specialized solutions for better management and monitoring of company vehicle fleets.

2021: Certification of new Management systems according to ISO 45001 and ISO 14001

Sustainable development, the improvement of occupational health and safety and the protection of the Environment, is a driving force of the business activity of Hellenic Central Station S.A. and sets at its core criteria based on quality, innovation, high technology and know-how. HERMES was certified with the very important management systems by TUV HELLAS according to ISO 45001 Health & Safety at Work and according to ISO 14001 Environmental Management.

2022: Hellenic Central Station S.A. celebrates its 40 years with a special logo and invests in the 4th industrial revolution

The new logo showcases HERMES continued commitment to evolve with new technological innovations, an enhanced service portfolio and the best support and security staff in the industry. Four decades of growth and success with a renewed entrepreneurial spirit and constant forward movement, reflected in our current logo design.