Supported Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV)

Do not get alarmed for no reason – we will make use of all possible means offered by CCTV technology, in order to verify whether the alarm incident is real. We will record images and video throughout the monitoring and make them available upon request.

Alarm Verification through Visual Control

CCTV is at the peak of technological development in Security systems, facing continuous challenges and demanding constant updates and improvements. The know-how and long-term expertise of HERMES, combined with its leading technology, guarantees solutions adapting even to the most demanding specifications.

HERMES, using leading software and facilities, maximizes the benefits of modern CCTV systems visually verifying every incident. In this way, CCTV is used as a means of prevention as well as detection of criminal activities. It demonstrates on a daily basis its valuable contribution to security in the modern world.