Operation infrastructure

HERMES is located and operates in Athens. Our facilities and work place are continuously upgraded and equipped with the most up to date high technology security systems and leading software, whereas the 24hour Alarm Receiving Centre supports all communication protocols for all types of alarms.

The HERMES Alarm Receiving Centre manages over 10 millions of signals from thousands of monitored systems every month. The state-of-the-art software with its artificial intelligence capabilities, processes, analyses, prioritises and forwards to users for further action, over a million of those signals.

4 decades




10.000.000 monthly


1.000.000 monthly


Investing in Security

The contemporary architecture, the upgraded security standards of the building and the compliance of the Alarm Receiving Centre with ELOT-50518, combined with certification to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard, the only international standard defining the requirements for an Information Security Management System with a guarantee of confidentiality, make HERMES an exemplar Alarm Receiving Centre in the Greek market.

Load sharing

Service load sharing of the alarm systems to multiple receivers, for ensuring maximum availability and efficiency.

Latest technology receivers

Main and back-up receiver clusters available on a 24-hour basis for receiving signals from security systems of all well-known manufacturers.

IP-GPRS Receivers

IP-GPRS Receivers for checking signals through dual and triple communication, connected to Wholesale Leased Lines ensuring uninterrupted supply, as well as to ADSL connections for backup operation.

Services Split

Split of offered services to different systems and levels, in order to increase efficiency, security, smoother maintenance and uninterrupted operation.


  • 130 telephone lines serving alarm signals from across Greece and abroad
  • DSLAM installed by OTE in the Alarm Receiving Centre Computer Room
  • Wholesale Leased Lines for uninterrupted connectivity for receiving signals through Internet networks or GPRS and for Video Verification
  • VPN connections to Banking Institutions and Groups, for receiving signals through their network for enhanced security
  • ADSL lines by different providers in back-up layout with the leased circuits
  • VDSL lines for faster access

High level specification software

The software suite used by HERMES provides a single integrated platform for monitoring alarm boards, video systems, visual alarm verification, GPS tracking and monitoring of professionals working alone. The platform is compliant with standards BS 5979: 2000 for Category II Central Stations, BS8243: 2010, BS8418: 2003, BS8484, LPC 1020, ACPO Policy on Intruder Alarm Systems, UL1981, DD243, DD245, EN50131 και EN50181.

High availability

High overall system availability (24x7x365) with capabilities of monitoring security systems of over 100.000 subscribers. Servers Cluster Mode for maximum availability of the monitoring and management applications.

Standby Generator

Ensuring 24-hour operation through a 44 kW back-up generator which offers uninterrupted power autonomy for all the sub-units of the Centre, with automatic transfer between UPS and Generator in case of power cut-off and pressure loss in the electricity supply.