The First Alarm Receiving Centre in Greece

With a track record of 4 decades, we offer reliability and confidence in the Security of your property, 24 hours, 365 days and nights a year.

HERMES is located and operates in Athens. Our facilities and work place are continuously upgraded and equipped with the most technologically up-to-date security systems and sophisticated software, whilst the 24-hour Alarm Receiving Centre supports all communication protocols for all types of alarms.

4 decades




10.000.000 monthly


1.000.000 monthly


State-of-the-art technology

HERMES is the First Alarm Receiving Center in Greece, operating since 1982 and having the largest customer database, of over 25.000 subscribers.

Our personnel is specialised and continuously trained, we keep high operational standards, use latest technology systems and maintain the highest negative incidents prevention effectiveness, whilst we also comply with all applicable European security and software standards.

In this way, we support the implementation of our strategic choices for developing new activities and services, which allow for the modernization and optimization of our services, to the benefit of the Customer and installer, whilst at the same time we enhance our know-how and remain at the top.

Total Security

The installation of a Security system in your space, can form a means of 100% prevention of any intrusion, only when connecting the alarm with a reliable Alarm Receiving Centre. HERMES constantly monitors the correct system operation and notifies you, your colleagues/relatives and the relevant authorities, in any case of danger.

Through 24-hour monitoring, 365 days a year, you have the possibility to verify any incident (through image-video recording) as well as ensure real time incident prevention. HERMES, for 4 decades, surpasses the expectations of all Sector professionals, offering reliable services and effective monitoring of all types of systems.

A large number of Security systems’ Installers show their preference to HERMES, since the service of automatic notification and immediate access to on-line information on the Alarm Receiving Centre database, allow for full control of Security Systems at any given moment, making the connection a reliable tool for every professional in the Security sector.

Modern facilities

The HERMES Alarm Receiving Centre manages over 10 millions of signals from thousands of monitored systems every month. The state-of-the-art software with its artificial intelligence capabilities, processes, analyses, prioritises and forwards to users for further action, over a million of those signals.