Competitive advantage

We operate using the most efficient processes, offering an excellent service. Our really unique capabilities, the top quality services and our expertise in meeting demanding requirements, define the areas we excel in, along with our many years of experience.


Feel secure even in the most difficult circumstances.

Selection Criteria – Why HERMES

The experience of our Team members creates a unique combination of skills, forming the ideal connection between business requirements and security technical specifications. With the team technical background being at its heart, HERMES can undertake all types of projects and successfully meet all demands.

The HERMES Alarm Receiving Centre manages over 10 million signals, from thousands of monitored systems every month. The state-of-the-art software it uses, with its artificial intelligence capabilities, processes, analyses, prioritises and forwards to users for further action, over a million of those signals.

The Hellenic Central Station uses:

Experienced, skilled, professionally licensed and polite personnel, specially trained to deal with all emergency situations and make the first outgoing call in less than 20 seconds from receiving a signal.

Constant, attentive and disciplined application of all procedures and policies of notification / response / signals verification, in line with the current context and manners suited to the Greek society.

Clear and evidenced response to all alarm signals, with no doubts.

Continuous evaluation and adaptation to innovative technologies in the Monitoring Sector, ensuring the Subscribers, Suppliers and Installers gain the full benefits from state-of-the-art technology.

HERMES, for 4 decades, surpasses the expectations of all Sector professionals, offering reliable and effective of Security Systems and/or CCTV.

False alarms prevention techniques, with total effectiveness and alarm verification policies. Rigid but at the same time flexible recognition processes, considering the security of subscribers and information.

Accurate, reliable and real-time monitoring of all incidents, ensuring the highest possible security for all Customers.

Record all conversations and keep our executives constantly in control of procedures.

Hundreds of Security Dealers and Installers use HERMES to provide complete protection to their Subscribers.

We commit ourselves to providing excellent and long-term services, based on our credibility and trust in our Clients – Partners.

For four decades, we have provided our Subscribers with the highest level of security, combining the latest technology with the specialized know-how of our executives.